BIogas Power Plant LV and HV ElectrIcal Works Project

Medcem ÇImento- SwItchgear Plant AutomatIon System Project

RehabIlItatIon of KorkutelI IrrIgatIon Project

ErganI Water DIstrIbutIon LIne Turnkey Project

BIgadIc OptIcal Separator Plant AutomatIon System Project

MultI-purpose BorIc AcId Plant Turnkey ElectrIcal and AutomatIon System Project

Kurken ProductIon StatIon AutomatIon and InstrumentatIon Project

Botas PIpelIne DIstrIbutIon-FIre System Redundant AutomatIon and ModernIzatIon Project

TPAO BoIler System AutomatIon Project

AzerbaIjan Methanol Factory Energy SCADA Project

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