Kütahya WWTP / Turkey
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Kütahya WWTP / Turkey

Location: Turkey / Kütahya

End-user: Kütahya Municipality

Description: The process of Kütahya WWTP will be simultaneous denitrification process without primary sedimentation and with anaerobic sludge digestion. This process will be based on carbon and nitrogen removal. Additionally 

anaerobic tanks will be constructed for biological phosphorus removal. The Plant was designed for 97,705 m3/day average waste water flow rate for 2030 and 120,868 m3/day for 2045.

Scope of works:

  • Supply and installation of MV Panels and transformers
  • Production of all MDP, MCCs, PLCs
  • All electrical site works and engineering; Earthing,   Lighting, Cabling, Installation of cable tray,  Outdoor lighting,  CCTV,  Fire Protection System    
  • Installation of SCADA and automation system; 4 pcs ABB AC500 PLCs,  ABB 800xA SCADA Systemz,  2000 hardwired I/Os.           Test;   Cold and Hot Testing, Functional Testing, Start-up Testing   Commissioning, training and documentation.


Kütahya WWTP / Turkey


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