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Energy Storage Solutions


Energy storage solutions promise future generations to achieve low carbon emissions now and in the future.
There are important issues regarding the sustainable use of energy storage solutions.
These issues;
- To increase the efficiency rate in energy system resources.
- To provide a hybrid system integration between alternative renewable energy sources.
- Meeting the internal consumption need and increasing energy production
- Increasing access to the energy produced
- To meet the increase in energy demand resulting from the increasing population and industrialization.
- Fossil-based energy has reserve problems and has negative effects on the environment.
- To meet the general energy demand by storing alternative energy sources, which are dependent on natural conditions.
- Ensuring that the excess energy produced is stored in different types of energy storage units and is used later if needed.
- To meet the load requirement in cases where the stored energy is not available or insufficient.

Purpose of Energy Storage Solutions

Storing excess energy in areas where energy is used effectively aims to fill the gap between energy need time and demand by storing energy produced from alternative energy sources that can give energy at certain times.

Advantages of Energy Storage Solutions

- The efficiency of energy systems is increased. In this way, energy need and savings are provided.
- The need for an auxiliary energy source is reduced. Thus, valuable fossil fuel reserves are preserved.
- It plays an important role in preventing the environmental damage of fuels used for energy production.
- Due to the consumption of less fossil fuels, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to the environment will be reduced and thus cleaner air will be breathing.
In addition, this will provide significant support against global warming.
- Energy storage is the storage of energy so that it can be used whenever we want.

Features sought in a storage;
  • Contributes to increased storage capacity
  • Provides high charge / discharge efficiency increase
  • Provides less capacity loss
  • Long life systems
  • Cheapness
  • Energy density