Social Responsibility

YEO in Social Responsibility Projects

At YEO, we have a future-oriented perspective. We reflect this perspective to our more environmentally friendly, more innovative, and smarter business models. In addition to our business models, we wholeheartedly support environmentally friendly and future-oriented social projects.


Turkey Teknofest Technology Festival tradition, prepared with great enthusiasm to Rocket Contest 2021 and we are a supporter of Team Rocket Anka Medium Altitude many will compete in the team category. At YEO, we will continue to support the success of our team wholeheartedly.


Sivrihisar Aviation Sports Club Association of the leading NGOs in Turkey in civil aviation has continued its activities in 2020, the year of the pandemic decisively. "Women and World Aviation!" Sivrihisar Aviation Club Association, which played an active role in the organization of the symposium, took part in the organization of the "Paper Planes" competition on April 23, 2020. The association, which brought thousands of people together with the traditional Special Show Flight held on the 30th of August Victory Day on the virtual platform, also performed the Civil Aviation Day show on September 13th.


At YEO, which adopts internalizing differences as its basic mission, we are honored to be the supporter of Woman for Woman, one of the important organizations of women's solidarity and solidarity worldwide, not only verbally but personally.