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Nearly 300 people work at YEO. We are one big family, where everyone values each other. When we know our efforts are valued, we produce more great work. Here we value each team member, because our employees are the engine of our company. Inventiveness, strong values and partnership – these are key factors for YEO to become a driving force. And the development opportunities for our employees are excellent and virtually unlimited.

Stories from PEOPLE@YEO

Yasin Düven

"We are a family, and I am very proud of to be a part of this big family. Our best advantages are that every YEO employee, regardless of their position, has the highest sense of belonging to the company, that every employee makes a high effort and that the common purpose consciousness is established. Every employee without exception is a stakeholder of every success. I think that the visionary, innovative, adaptive and egalitarian perspectives of the management are the most important factors in bringing YEO to this point. We believe that the most important awards for us are the many national and international projects we have completed and ongoing, the credibility we have established on the customer side and the awareness of YEO. I am convinced that we will continue to walk with this motivation and concentration and that we will achieve many great successes and I know that every member of the YEO family shares these thoughts. That is our real power."

Yasin DÜVEN / Business Development & Sales Manager

Dilfuza GÜNDÜZ

"I strongly identify myself with YEO.  As a member of YEO team, my objective is to further develop our business network and to seek new opportunities. You will find in me a comprehensive professional with a “can-do” attitude and the drive to get the job done. Working together cooperatively as a YEO team, we understand and view constant change as an opportunity and challenge to continuously improve YEO."

Dilfuza GÜNDÜZ / International Business Development Executive


As YEO Team, we put our hearts and souls into our work, and we are highly committed. We have a shared understanding of teamwork, partnership and being able to rely on each other. In the long term, new expertise can only develop if the right structures are in place. One important factor in this respect is being able to rely on your employer. We are very proud that length of service is valued very highly at our the company. 85 % of our employees never leave company. YEO offers a diverse range of various seminars covering topics such as Digitalization, Business Networking, Time & Personal Management and Sales Strategy.

Sinan KARAHAN / Head of Project Department

Hatice ALTAN

I like working at YEO. As a family person, it is important for me to receive wages on time and thanks to a convenient work schedule I can spend enough time with my family. I see myself at YEO in the future, as it is important for me to have wonderful colleagues and growth opportunities.

Hatice ALTAN / Personnel Specialist

Barış ESEN

Happy employees of YEO Technology who are open to development and change create more value with their high performance and innovative ideas. Therefore, happy employees create happy business partners. In this way, the company increases its profitability and provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

Multinational environment of YEO Technology offers us opportunities to make our dreams happen in the fields of electrification, instrumentation and control systems, digitalization and industrial IoT (internet of things) in sectors such as energy (production, transmission & distribution), water & wastewater, oil & gas, cement & mining.

I am happy to be a part of the YEO Technology family

Barış ESEN/ Sales & Business Development Coordinator


In search of new professional challenges and opportunities to develop my potential, I was not determined to work with one employer for more than several years. However, working at YEO has attracted me so much that it is already the seventh year of my work here, and I can confidently say that there are many challenges in this company. It is interesting for me to work, being in the process of constant development, where there is something to strive for. I have been given the opportunity to attend training, which provides an opportunity to develop in areas that are important to me. I appreciate that the company`s management is open to new ideas, giving young professionals the opportunity to be recognized.

Baran MEMİŞBEY / Project Manager, Industrial Automation Engineer


I identify myself with YEO. When I started working at YEO, I realized that it`s not just a company but a family, and this is the most important thing about what makes us special. You`ll see people hardworking, concentrated, focused, planned but also honest, helpful to each other and helpful to the organization. If you are working with people who love what they are doing, you are not working, you are having a good time together. One of the most important relationships is absolutely with your manager. However, in YEO, it`s your leader who encourages you to develop yourself, discover your route to success and see another piece of "big picture" day by day. The only limit to your endless potential is yourself. I feel comfortable, self-confident and strong here and love to be a part of this big family.

Sami SERİN / Head of Solar Division