Carry Energy to the Future with Energy Storage Solutions


Energy storage solutions eliminate the imbalance between energy production and consumption values, they make it possible to use energy resources effectively and continuously. It is known that energy consumption is sometimes very low and sometimes very high depending on time. Although the energy requirement varies depending on the usage, it changes seasonally in our homes, industrial facilities and buildings. Storage technologies are used due to the differences that occur against this changing energy supply demand. The ratio imbalance between production and consumption values is when the electricity consumption is used at low levels, the electrical energy produced is stored with existing technologies and becomes consumable when the need is high. You can meet our energy needs in a stable way by storing electrical energy produced from discrete energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, which cannot be produced continuously. The stored heat or electrical energy can be used, especially when there is no or continuous sunlight. Energy storage systems that create a stable electricity generation interaction provide technical support for the creation of self-healing networks.

The Features Sought In Energy Storage Today

  • High storage capacity
  • High charge / discharge efficiency
  • Low capacity losses
  • Long life
  • Cheapness
  • Energy density
As the energy sector changes, it is possible to realize projects with more flexibility, higher reliability and lower costs thanks to energy storage solutions. YEO, which provides contracting, implementation, consultancy and project services by changing the way of power consumption and production, offers proven energy solutions in the energy sector in meeting the needs of customers and solving difficulties. It has systems that control the values such as power, current, voltage and frequency in a state of the art architecture. These storage systems, which are integrated with Energy Management Systems, are aimed to increase energy production efficiency by using up-to-date technologies. With YEO’s professional energy storage services; You can take control of your energy source, reduce your bills and take control of your more sustainable energy source.