Digitalization Journey: IOT and Digital Solutions


Internet of Things IoT (Internet of Things) is the communication between every machine you can think of, accessing the internet and communicating with two machines. The Internet of Things should not be considered as devices that only connect to the Internet. IoT technology provides data flow about any situation by communicating with people. Objects are able to communicate with each other thanks to factors such as the system perceives each other, communicating, recording data, and forwarding it to the target address. These smart devices save a lot of data, and this recorded data is processed. These processed data are realized with the help of wireless networks or wireless sensor networks as in data processing processes. This communication is provided by the developing IOT technology. Thanks to this communication, the devices perform their functions themselves without human intervention. Internet Of Things (IOT) technology is used today in smart homes as well as in many industries. Many events in the city administration (energy networks, recycling processes, smart buildings, etc.) are monitored and analyzed within the control system. This management is provided with a single button. Thanks to the communication between devices, they can perform their functions with IOT technology without any manual intervention. This technology is used in smart homes as well as in many areas of city administration (energy networks, recycling processes, smart buildings) in control systems. The follow-ups are analyzed and all systems are managed with a single click. Energy consumption, process optimization, smart buildings, efficiency analysis of machines, working hours of the personnel can be analyzed instantly, and you can control the cost processes by monitoring them. You can also prevent possible errors and malfunctions by effectively managing the processes. Detailed reports can be obtained by following your operations. By realizing customer satisfaction with these solutions, feedback can be collected. Thanks to our Industrial IOT solutions for smart production, it is possible to benefit from the power of data by facilitating operations, minimizing maintenance costs and increasing quality in production processes.

With our IOT Solutions;

  • See your production efficiency, detect problems and improve.
  • Take control of the production quality while it is being produced.
  • Find out unexpected equipment failures in advance with intuitive artificial intelligence.
  • See and improve your energy consumption throughout the facility.
  • Bring real production data to systems like ERP and MES.