Switchgear Solutions


Switchgear materials; It provides the collection and distribution of available energy by bringing together busbars, breakers, disconnectors, transformers and auxiliary elements. Switchgear is mostly used for control and protection purposes. Breakers in large switchgear are used for any short circuit current current that may occur. Switchgear material quality is an important consideration in this. It must be contained in TSE standards. Poor quality material types pose a danger. Leakage Current Relay: The leakage current relay, which is a switch material, is used to protect against the adverse effects of electricity. It looks like an auto insurance. The working principle is that the current entering the phase leaves the neutral. The residual current relay ensures the equality of the incoming and outgoing currents and works according to this principle. Control Buttons: Control buttons are the elements that are used to open and close mechanical and electrical operations. Manages the process by controlling the flow of electricity. They are manufactured in different forms and classes according to their working style. Compact Switches: Compact switches, also known as circuit breakers, switch in order to protect the system in case of overload or short circuit. Besides, its other most important function is to open and close the circuit in the system. Compact switch types may differ depending on the working environment, current magnitude, voltage level and the working environment. Automatic Fuse: In cases where the current in the system exceeds the current level on the current fuse, it protects the load and the circuit by enabling the circuits to open easily. Automatic fuses are used in every system where electricity is available. Thermal Magnetic Switch: These equipment with thermal and magnetic properties are generally used as circuit breakers in electrical and compensation panels, control centers, distribution centers. While this equipment enables the circuit to be opened and closed, short circuit etc. It has the feature of limiting by enabling the circuit to be cut. It also ensures that the system is under protection by breaking the circuit. Motor Protection Switch: It is responsible for protecting the motors used in the industrial sector and the existing electrical installation from excessive current and short circuit. It can perform manual switching function for loads by isolating the existing electrical system. Thermal Relay: This switch material, which is affected by temperature changes, performs opening and closing operations based on the effect of flowing heat. Thermal relays are not used alone in the system. In addition to this material, they provide protection in the current area by using fuses and contactors. Time Relay: This switch material, which is generally used in power circuits and control panels, is used to activate and deactivate a circuit within a set time and with the help of programs. There are two types of time relay, delayed on drawing (straight time relay) and delayed on off (inverse time relay).