The Digital Revolution Digitalization


Today, digitalization is increasing day by day. Being digitalized is the transfer of all processes from analog form to digital form. In addition, creating new sources of income with digitalization is a tool for transforming business models using digital technologies. Digitalization of business models facilitates the process as stages of transition to digital business. Digitalization affects more and more industries every day. In the energy sector, the key to all changes that have occurred so far has been seen as digitalization. Following the use of Industry 4.0, it takes its place in Energy 4.0 with digitalization in the energy sector. The rapid change in the energy world, the disruption of renewable energy sources, new transmission distribution networks, and storage technologies have caused the concept of digitalization to take an active role in our lives. The rapid change in the world, the development of trade, innovative companies in the market, new products in the market pave the way for digitalization. Rapid changes in generation, transmission and distribution, retail sales, consumption and trade areas in the energy sector are increasing day by day with sensor-based communicable autonomous systems. In addition, subjects such as cloud computing, communication technologies, data security, blockchain, smart buildings, IOT, data protection, information technologies are in the focus of Energy 4.0. A well-designed digital energy management system can well integrate renewable energy sources. Safely guided data privacy accelerates the digital transformation process. With digitalization, fundamental innovations are experienced, especially in the energy sector. These;

  • To ensure the sustainable security of the existing network
  • To ensure the efficient management of energy
  • Optimizing the energy produced
  • To control the energy produced by consumers in solar roof applications
  • To carry out commercial transactions by controlling energy production
While digitalization increases the quality of human life, it also causes the emergence of a new economy. In addition, competitive power increases with innovative technologies and digital transformation is supported in the industrial sector. With the globalizing world, technological initiatives that reach high economic values are increasing by financing. This paves the way for digitalization. Institutional structures in the industrial sector will be strengthened with digitalization and problems regarding communication will be resolved quickly.