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From the President

From the President

Dear Shareholders,

The global pandemic had a considerable impact on society, business, and the world economy, and it is still a challenge for all. As our company has already started the ‘agility for excellence in whatever we do’ principle, we already transformed our company and the way how we operate and how we work more towards digital, therefore we adapted amazingly fast to the new normal and responded at an early stage at all our sites and in all our operations by taking countermeasures. Our top priority was, and still is, to protect people’s health.

At the same time, we continued to grow during 2020 and it was again a successful year for YEO, with 2020 it has been now 3 years in a row that our company and our financial results significantly exceeded expectations, we have also a great start to 2021.
I would like to thank my colleagues for this - for their tireless commitment, their great flexibility, their agile approach, and their strong cohesion.

In 2020, we have completed 51 projects, in 6 countries and our revenue has grown by 22 % and our EBIT 89 %.
In 2021 we have some crucial priorities, but first protecting the health, safety and well-being of our employees remains number one priority for us.
Looking ahead, we are pursuing three main strategic priorities: digitalization, renewable energy, global expansion.

- We continue to develop more digital solutions across industries to increase the value of the industries through digitalization. We are cooperating with strong technology partners in this field to offer our customers the pioneering digital solutions. In this way, we are accelerating the value creation together with our end-to-end solutions.

- YEO is committed to a sustainable energy and industry to mitigate the carbon emission with pioneering and digital technologies; therefore, our focus is to further strength our operations to enable a low-carbon society. YEO is now the center of excellence for the renewable energy projects from Solar to Wind, from biogas, biomass to Geothermal energy. Our smart and integrated solutions enable for more greener, smarter, and safer energy.

- Expansion into new markets remains a key way for us for further growth. In 2021 and next years we will be focusıng on expanding our projects in global markets. YEO has already made significant move and even today our export busıness exceeded our local busıness. As the leading one-stop solution provider and center of excellence for the electrification, automation, digitalization, and engineering makes YEO a preferred provider for the customer.

Operating and working in many different countries, YEO benefits from individual talents and abilities. As YEO, we value diversity and put it into practice, because diversity enhances our innovative strength and our business success.

From a business perspective with our Agile teams and excellence in work, YEO ensures the performance and growth for 2021, and remains partner of choice for smarter, greener, and safer energy and industrial solutions

Because we are convinced that our future will be sustainably climate-neutral, and, last but not least, sustainably profitable. We are shaping this change with courage, agility and excellence. I look forward to you continuing to accompany us on this path.

Sincerely yours,

Tolunay Yıldız
Chairman & CEO