Factory & Digitalization

Factory & Digitalization

Factory & Digitalization
Digital transformation requires a digital transformation strategy that looks at goals as any strategy, the current situation, and how to move forward on a transformational journey in a logical and connecting way. Most importantly, companies need to create a digital development roadmap in order to develop a digital transformation strategy and integrate information, data, processes, technologies in related areas.

Digital solutions help make plants smarter, factories more efficient, processes more secure, production lines more flexible and productivity higher.


  • Connected Infrastructure
  • Digital Grid and Substation
  • Digital Transportation
  • Digital Electrification
  • Digital factories
  • Robotics and Machinery


  • IoT Cloud Connectivity via MQTT and OPC UA
  • Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)
  • Connected Smart Infrastructure
  • Digital Electrification
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Remote assistance to DrivesCyber Security


  • IoT devices
  • ABB and Rockwell Condition
  • Monitoring Systems
  • IoT Gateways
  • IoT enabled software and
  • SCADA from Atvise
  • Digitalization consultancy
  • Digital factory engineering


  • Services
  • Consultancy 
  • Educating and Supporting System Users
  • Backup documentation &
  • Remote support
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Condition monitoring system installation
  • Standalone or integrated IoT solutions