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Arçelik Washing Machine Manufacturing Line Automation

Mechanical manufacturing ARÇELİK A.Ş. The production line of the bearing and felt flashing line for the washing machine drums, which was built within the scope of the Çayırova Washing Machine Plant; All project design, panel assembly, installation, software and commissioning works were done by our company and the project was successfully completed.

ET200S profibus I / O modules were preferred in order to facilitate installation and maintenance-failure works in the project. There are 22 profibus stations in the system and these stations are controlled by SIMATIC S7-300 CPU. The system also has 2 SIMATIC HMIs for the detection of alarms and warnings and for entering information.

System OP77B 5,7 ”Operator Panel, consists of 315-2DP CPU, 500 I / O