YEO Group

Azerenergy National Load Dispatch Center


- ABB Network Manager for 21 Power Plants and 70 Substations
- Detailed engineering, supply, installation, test, commissioning, training, operation & maintenance
- Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
- Energy Management System (EMS)
- Generation Management System (GMS)
- 92 pieces ABB Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
- 92 pieces Huawei communication cabinet
- IEC 60870-5 101 & IEC 60870-5 104 communication protocols
- 10Gbps communication bit rate

Scope of Works

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

SCADA is a real-time, cyber secure platform for a wide range of control and monitoring applications. The solution is designed for mission-critical applications that demand high performance and availability, such as power generation, transmission and distribution systems, and electrical networks for railways and airports. It supports networks of all sizes, from local grids to large-scale networks with millions of devices and high volumes of data throughput.

Energy Management System (EMS)

EMS is the optimal control center solution to enable secure, efficient and optimized operation of the electric power system. EMS has an open platform that allows for easy integration with other utility information systems, while maintaining high levels of security. It is the market leading platform for building control center solutions to manage today`s power grids as well as tomorrow`s smart grids. Its modular architecture can be tailored to the needs of each company to provide a smooth migration path for future expansion.

Generation Management System (GMS)

Generation companies doing business in today`s competitive markets need advanced applications to monitor and optimize their assets while respecting all the relevant operational and environmental constraints. GMS provides a rich set of field-proven, advanced applications for generation operations under a wide variety of market rules and operating conditions. GMS provides functionality for different types of generation resources, including Combined Cycle Plants and cascaded reservoirs and hydro plants, as well as support for renewable generation assets such as Wind Farms and Solar Plants.

Communication System

Huawei`s DWDM/OTN communications network bear power production services in power plants and substations. Also, the same network can bear office services in the future if necessary.The communications network bears teleprotection and bandwidth-hungry (such as videoconferencing) services. The former uses TDM and the latter IP for communications.For Azerenergy, Huawei recommend to deploy OSN1800 in substations, power plants, control center and district office. These WDM are highly integrated; provide FXS/FXO, E&M, X.21, RS485, RS232, C37.94 and E1 for low-speed services, such as teleprotection, SCADA, dispatching call, and so on. Also provide FE and GE ports to offer communications access services for OA, video surveillance, and other services if necessary. Huawei`s OSN series devices provide double forward plane, TDM and packet forwarding. So, it can bear all the services in one equipment without adding any external MUX devices, this will minimize the point of failure. Furthermore, the network can upgrade to 40GE or 100GE smoothly via configure the relevant cards, without replacing the equipment in the future.