YEO Group

Bikiltaş Cement Factory


5000t/day production capacity; plant consists of material production line, mill, silos and packing units.

Scope of Works

- Production of all MDP, MCCs, PLCs
- All Electrical Site Works and Engineering
- Earthing, Lighting, Cabling, Installation of Cable Trays, Outdoor Lighting
- Installation of SCADA and Automation System
- ABB 800xA DCS System, Profinet, Profibus and Modbus RTU/TCP Communications
- Redundant SCADA System, 4000 hardwired I/Os, 1000 soft I/Os
- Commissioning, Training and Documentation
- 10-km Overhead Power Line
- Primer & Seconder Equipment Installing, Test and Commissioning
- HV RTU and TEIAŞ Communication Panel
- HV Relay Configuration and Parameterization
- MV Switchgear Installing, Test and Commissioning
- PLC System
- PAX System
-Telecommunication Equipment