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Geothermal Power Plant

Geothermal power plants use superheated water from the earth’s geothermal resources to generate electricity but if the resource is not treated carefully, it will not be sustainable. This heat comes from magma located at the earth’s deep. Geothermal powerplants uses technology, a process that turns the geothermal superheated fluid in to steam. The steam is used to drive a turbine and generate electricity. Remaining fluids are injected back for reuse. In turbine mechanical energy transforms to electrical energy. Generally large copper bars carry the electrical charge to a step-up transformer. With the transformer the voltage is increased before it is sent to the power lines.

YEO can offer all below services for geothermal power plants
- Plant Automation (Steam turbine control, Auxiliary units)
- Condition Monitoring (monitor, protect, and diagnose rotating machineries)
- Generator excitation, protection and synchronization
- Motor Control Cabinets (Frequency Inverters, Soft starters, Star-delta, DOL)
- Energy efficiency applications for re-injection pumps, cooler fans
- Instrumentation & Analytics (Flowmeters, Pressure Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Analytical Measurements)
- Step-up Substation (Turnkey Substation up to 500 kV)

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