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Hybrid Energy

It becomes possible to operate licensed power plants high efficiency by powered with solar energy as secondary source. The most important issues while designing a hybrid power plant are instant energy generation should not exceed the installed power capacity and capacity ratio should not pass over the annual energy production. On the other hand, every kind of renewable energy power plant has some critic points so design and application should have done considering these. For ex.;

-Thermal Power Plants have a big electric power consumption.
-Biogas/Biomass Power Plants may not have enough raw materials at some times of the year
-Geothermal Power Plants are exposed inefficientness in summer months.
-Wind Power Plants may effected by changable wind speed and it causes inefficient electricity production.
-Hydroelectric Power Plants are exposed inefficientness because of decreasing the water level in summer months. Also by installing floating solar system on storage reservoir it prevents evaporation of water and get high efficiency under favour of cooling with water.
-In a Cogeneration Systems, renewable energy capacity rate can be increased by providing energy production from solar energy, especially when energy prices are high.

According to all above cases, technically right designed a solar system as a secondary source able to maximise your existing power plants"s electric power production and by this way;

-Can get more winnings by selling produced electricity at the promoted price in legislation.
-Can contribute to renewable energy production by providing your internal consumption from solar energy.

YEO can offer all below services for Hybrid Power Plants

- Analyses
- Feasibility Study
- Technical Design and Planning
- Permission and Approval Processes
- Electricity Distribution Company Applications
- Obtaining Necessary Permits from Relevant Authorities
- Site Mobilization
- Product Supply
- Logistic and Transportation Coordination
- Installation
- Acceptance Procedures
- System Activating
- Test and Commissioning
- Operation and Maintenance