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Power Transmission

These are the lines that ensure the transmission of the electrical energy produced in the power plant from the power plant to the substation and from the substation to the distribution networks (where there are end consumers).

Energy Transmission Lines consist of equipments such as poles, conductors, insulators, suspension-tension hardwares, ground wire and OPGW… etc.

The first stage of the construction of the Energy Transmission Line is to examine the issues such as the route of the transmission line, geographical situation, land condition, security location and cost of the line.

The most important criterion here is the safe construction of the Transmission Line and the transmission of electricity with minimal losses.

Energy Transmission Lines are large and complex structures. A strong Energy Transmission Line depends on Line Equipments’ quality, and on the right Site Management and assembly quality, starting from Engineering and Project Management, which includes an accurate site survey study.

YEO provides the following services for the Energy Transmission Line;

Site Survey & Design Project

- Route Surveillance (Land Measurement), Preparation of Route Map & Plan and Profile,
- Soil Investigation
- Line design, Pole distribution and optimization
- Preparation of Bill of Quantity & Material List
- Role manufacturing drawings


- Getting Permits for Agriculture, Zoning, Forestry…. etc.
- Preparation of expropriation plans and documents
- Environmental Impact Assessment studies

Construction Works

- Application and marking of Poles
- Route cleaning and construction of transportation roads
- Construction work of Pole Foundations
- Tower Assembly
- Wire drawing
- Line Commissioning

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