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Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plants

YEO has decided to establish a branch for solar power plants according to increase of interest and demand of this unlimited source of power. YEO Solar with speacialized on rooftop and ground-mount solar power plant team has born to serve for engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintanance.

Ground-mount Solar Power Plants

According the rise of cell technology and needs of the green, clean and sustainable energy in the World, YEO and YEO Solar has played a key role as an investor and construction company. YEO Solar has been actively working in Turkey, Ukraine and Palestine and focused on developing new projects and businesses in East and West Europe.

Rooftop Solar Power Plants

Rooftop solar power plants has a key role of spreading solar energy all over the World since it’s achivable, feasible, more productive and opportunities of subsidies. Therefore, YEO Solar has experience on many rooftop solar power plants and serves from feasibility to construction as one stop solution provider.

Solar Packs

Solar systems provide opportunities to consumers, especially far from grid and weak power grids, to supply their energy from solar. YEO Solar provides accordingly these kind of solutions as below.
- Microgrid systems
- Diesel plus solar, hybrid systems
- Solar irrigation systems

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