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Wind Power Plant

Wind turbine blades, gearboxes, and generators get most of the attention beyond the electrical infrastructure. That’s natural, because those rotating blades are the most visible part of a wind project. However, successful operation of a wind power plant also depends on attending to the many balance-of-plant components that are less visible.

Almost in every wind farm a step-up substation and a control center is built to collect all the energy generated by the turbines and received through the MV cables.

Wind projects are large and complicated, but the proper operation and reliability of electrical equipment and associated protective devices is directly related to the quality of product and installation.

YEO offer all below services for Wind Power Plants;

- Engineering and Design
- OHL (Overhead Line) & ETL (Energy Transmission Line)
- Substation (All electrical, structural, civil works)
- Protection & Control Building
- Medium voltage power cables in wind farm
- Communication with National Monitoring and Forecasting Center for Wind Generated Electrical Power
- Test and Commissioning
- Training

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