Synergy Uniting Sea and Sun


Aras Holding Investment Inc., with its company ARAS Marine, which has been operating in the field of marine construction since 1995, and YEO, which was established in 2004 and is the industry leader in electrification, automation, digital transformation, solar energy, and engineering solutions, established MARINERGY as a joint affiliate for Floating Solar Energy (Offshore / Floating Solar) power plant projects that are developing as a sustainable and environmentally friendly new energy generation method in the world.

The interest in clean and renewable energy investments in our country and the world in recent years creates a great potential for a new field, Floating Solar Power Plants. Due to need in existing and potential markets, rapidly moving YEO and ARAS, combining energy projects experience and marine construction experience will operate under the name of MARINERGY on FSPV PP’s and other Renewable Energy sectors in Turkey and regional countries.

On February 25, 2021, the founding agreement of MARINERGY Renewable Energy, Construction and Trade Inc., in which ARAS Marine and YEO managers and employees participated, was signed by ARAS Marine Honorary President Mr. Mustafa Alpaslan and YEO CEO and Chairman of the Board Mr.Tolunay Yıldız.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, ARAS Marine Honorary President Mustafa Alpaslan said: “I wish this project that combines maritime and solar energy will be beneficial to our country. Half the success is to intend and set out. The remaining half is to work hard. I believe that with this cooperation, we will enjoy the power to reach every part of the world ”.

Speaking at the ceremony, YEO CEO and Chairman of the Board Tolunay Yıldız: ’MARINERGY, combining marine construction and electrical automation services in a company, is the first and unique venture in Turkey while the examples in the world are in very small number. Solar and wind energy in seas is a new developing sector that also has high and rapid development potential. Due to the hybrid nature of this sector, there is a need for the cooperation of companies with competencies in two areas rather than conventional companies. We set out to be the first in this field in our country with the synergy we will create by joining our forces based on this need.’

In Turkey, Floating Solar Power plants started to test installations in 2006, have begun to spread across the globe gaining momentum especially after 2013. An annual increase of 22 percent is expected in the floating solar sector between 2019-2024. In Turkey, the installed capacity of floating solar plants is expected to reach 2.5 GW in the year 2024.

The installed power of Floating solar power plant in the world is over 1,200 MW. The installed power of offshore/floating wind power plants is over 22,000 MW.

MARINERGY, as established with a 50 / 50 partnership between ARAS Marine and YEO, set out with the slogan of Power of Synergy (Power of Cooperation) and aim to open up to the world market in the coming years by starting their floating power plant projects domestically in 2021.

About YEO:
YEO, providing quality services along the electrification value chain from electricity generation, transmission, and distribution to smart and efficient energy management solutions for the power and energy industry, is located in Istanbul with its power and partners in the sector and operates in more than 10 countries on 3 continents for more than 15 years with personnel of more than 200. YEO, especially in the energy sector; provides electrification, automation, digitalization, and engineering services in oil & gas, water, and wastewater treatment and mining.

About ARAS Marine:
While continuing to achieve its goals of becoming a world brand in the specialized areas of maritime such as marine construction, ship rescue, debris removal, emergency response to marine accidents, underwater technologies, and open sea support services and operating by protecting its values since its establishment in 1995; closely follow dynamic and rapidly changing world and contributes to the visionary perspective ’Strong Producing Turkey’ by working devotedly with energetic staff open to training.

ARAS Marine, having 25 years of experience and being one of the companies equipped with the strongest marine fleet in Turkey, the Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea, is a leading company that directs the marine construction sector in Turkey.