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Biogas / Biomass Power Plant

Bio-gas is produced through a natural process called anaerobic digestion, which turns organic waste; like animal waste or food waste into a two products; the first product is a clean gas called bio-gas, in which it is used in gas engine for produce electricity and the second one is a high quality fertilizer, which is used by the farmer for their plants. The difference of bio-mass power plants are generating energy by physically burning when we know biological waste. The type of boiler used to burn waste is exactly the same as coal-fired power plants so all kinds of garbage and waste can be burned with coal in bio-mass thermal power plants.

YEO can offer all below services for biogas power plants

Process Automation

- Process Automation System Design (DCS, PLC & SCADA, RTU)
- Control System and Communication Network Topology
- Configuration of Hardware
- Logical Data Flow Diagram
- Process Flowchart Design
- Control Panel Design

Electrical Infrastructure

- MV / LV Basic and Detail Design
- Reactive Power Compensation
- Sizing calculations for transformers, cables, cable tray, generator
- Short-circuit Calculation
- Load Flow Analysis
- Relay Coordination and Selectivity
- Harmonic Analysis
- Power Quality Analysis
- Earthing System Design
- Lightning Protection System Design
- Power and Lighting Design
- Data, Communication, CCTV, Fire Alarm Design
- Layout Plan

Instrumentation & Analytics

- Flowmeters
- Pressure Transmitters
- Level Transmitters
- Temperature Transmitters
- Analytical Measurements

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