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Substations are the facilities located at the connection points between the generation - transmission - distribution networks in the power transmission chain from electricity power plants to the consumers. These Substaitons can act as a Step-up Transformer Substation by raising the electrical voltage, or they can also act as a Step-down Transformer Substation by lowering the electrical voltage.

Substaitons can be made in two different ways. Air Insulated Switchyard (AIS) where the Substation area is large, or Gas Insulated (closed) Switchyard (GIS) where smaller area is available.

Substations consist of Primary Equipments such as Power Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Disconnector, Current-Voltage Transformers, Surge Arrester…etc and consists of Secondary Equipments such as Protection & Control Relays, Scada System, RTU Communication System, AC / DC Panels…etc.

The Substations are large and complex structures. A good Substation depends on the quality of the Primary and Secondary Equipments and the quality of installation with the right Site Management by starting from the right Engineering and Project Management,

YEO offer the following services for Substations;
- Design and Engineering
- Equipment Supply (with Factory Acceptance Tests)
- Civil Works (including Control Building)
- Primary and Secondary Equipment Installation
- Scada Automation
- RTU Communication
- Test and Commissioning
- Customer Staff Training

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