Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Energy storage systems store excess energy and allow it to be used when needed. In addition, thanks to the storage systems, it increases the self-consumption of solar and / or wind energy. Thus, in the next stage, self-consumption automatically reaches 100% and becomes independent from the grid.


  • Energy Storage System is a compact packaged solution for energy storing to be used at different application and benefits. The product is sized to meet energy demands while optimizing cost
  • The energy is stored in batteries in order to perform demand management, improve the energy quality and to support the integration of renewables into the grid
  • ESS unit includes the necessary electrical, protective and monitoring equipment along with the battery system in pre-designed and tested unit

Main Component

  • Power Converters
  • Coupling Transformer
  • MV Switchgear
  • LV Switchgear
  • Main Control System
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Batteries
  • Containers E-House
  • Local Controller Integrating PCS


  • Providing smooth grid integration of renewable energy by reducing variability
  • Storing renewable generation peaks for use during demand peaks
  • Flattening demand peaks, thereby reducing stress on grid equipment
  • Providing infrastructure support as loads increase with electric vehicle use
  • Decreasing or eliminating the power fees related to short time peak loads
  • Maintaining generation and demand balance

Engineering & Design

  • Single Line Diagram
  • Power Converter Specification & Desing
  • Coupling Transformer Desing
  • MV Switchgear Desing
  • LV Switchgear Desing
  • Control System Overview
  • Communication Architecture
  • E-House Desing
  • Battery System Design
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Control Cabinet Drawings
  • Signal and Communication List
  • Fiedl Cable Schedule
  • Auxilary Power consumption calculation
  • Operational and Installation Manuel
  • Functional Design Specification
  • Power Cable Sizing Calculation
  • Shelters Ventilation and HVAC System Calculation
  • FAT and SAT Procedures
  • Project Schedule