Installation Works

Installation Works

We have delivered high-value, turn-key solutions to many satisfied clients over the last 15 years. Our dedicated team of qualified Engineers & Site personel have the mechanical, structural, and project management skills to deliver your projects on time, on budget and with excellent installation skills.

Platform construction, foundation design follow-up, civil work execution in assembly/concreting, structural design, electrical installation, communication networks, control rooms and substations are some of our specialties. We carry out all drainage and electromechanical work in an insured and highly-qualified way.

- High Voltage equipment installation
- Medium Voltage Switchgear Installation
- Transformer Installation (100 kVA, 250 MVA)
- LV, MCC and Automation panel installations Cabling, Cable tray, Cable Pulling, Termination, etc.
- Instruments installation
- Auxiliary Electrification System installation
- Lightning, Grounding, CCTV, Fire Alarm etc.
Installation Works