Digital & Factory
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Digital & Factory

Digital solutions help make plants smarter, factories more efficient, processes more secure, production lines more flexible and productivity higher.

Digital & Factory
AzerEnergy - National Dispatch Center

EMS SCADA System of national dispatch center

Arcelik - LG Air Conditioning Plant

Energy Efficiency Project

Hayes Lemmerz wheel rim production

Electrical & Automation Works

Mercedes Benz bus factory paint house

Electrification and Automation Works

Arcelik's Bearing, Sealing & Fastening Production Line

Electrical & Automation Works

Kastamonu’s Wood Parquet / Turkey

Dust Collection Unit Automation & Modernization

Azerisiq MicroSCADA

Revision works

Bikiltaş Cement Factory Substation & Power Transmission Line


Ödemiş WPP / Turkey

154 kV, 42 MVA, 14 Wind Turbine

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