YEO Group

Azerenergy Sulfanol Substation


110 kV

Scope of Works

Primary Works
- Power Transformer
- Circuit Breaker
- Disconnector
- Current and Voltage Transformers
- Surge Arrester
- MV Switchgear

Secondary Works (Supplying, Installation, Test and Commissioning)
- Energy SCADA System with IEC61850 Communucation Protocol
- HV Protection and Control Panels
- HV Busbar Protection Panels
- RTU Panels with IEC104 communucation between Azerisiq National Load Dispatch Center
- MV & LV Cabling, Earthing and Lightning System
- Telecomunucation Insfrastructure (OPGW, PLC, PAX Systems)

Auxiliary Works
- 400V AC Distribution Boards
- 220V DC Distribution Boards
- 48V DC Distribution Boards
- Marshalling Box
- Synchronization Panel
- Batterry and Rectifiers
- Metering Panel
- Lighting System
- Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
- Fire Alarm System