YEO Group

Cerit Wind Power Plant Substation Automation


154 kV Air Insulated Substation, Capacity 75 MVA, 25 Wind Turbines, 154 kV: 1 Line Feeder, 2 Transformer Feeder, 1 Coupling Feeder, 34.5 kV: 7 Turbine Incoming Feeders, 2 Transformer Feeder, 1 Coupling Feeder

Scope of Works

-HV Relay Protection and Control Panels, RTU and Communication Panels, LV Distribution Panel
- HV Relay Configuration and Parameterization
- All Protection and Control Panels, E-plan Design
- ABB Relion 650 and 670 Series, Relays and BCU, MV ABB REF615 Relays, MV Siemens 7SJ80 Relays
- ABB RTU560, IEC101 with TEIAS National Control Center Communication
- ABB MicroSCADA, HSR System, IEC 61850 Communication
- Primer and Seconder Equipment, Test, Commissioning and Trainings
- Wind Monitoring and Forecasting System