Factory Automation
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Factory Automation

  • Machine automation (PLC,HMI,Motion,IPC) design and programming
  • Factory Level Plant Automation and total Integration
  • Machine Safety Systems
  • Mes and Data Analytics
  • IoT Solutions
  • Robotics Solutions
  • Product selection and configuration
  • Test and commissioning
Process Automation

YEO Electrical & Automation is able to provide turnkey reliable solutions to the particular requirements of each industry.

Factory Automation

Factory automation has always been the way to improve factory productivity. Through its wide experience...

Power & Energy Automation

Digitalization in the energy sector requires integrated and smart solutions. Specializing in the Energy & Power automation...


To meet customers’ needs for accuracy and reliability, we integrate in our projects the ABB instrumentation and analysers.

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Today the devices and protocols used in the industrial control systems are used in nearly every sector and critical infrastructures such as the Oil & Gas...

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MV & LV Drives and Soft Starters

End-users need to be more competitive in their business units. YEO Electrical & Automation delivering turnkey services increasing efficiency...

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